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What is Startup Space?

We actively work with innovative start-ups, trying to discover a potential of young entrepreneurs and encourage them to make their dreams come true.

What we offer for start-ups:

  • Team coordination, consultations, mentorship
  •  Office
  • Training, events
  • Assistance in search of partners

KTU Startup Space incubation program



Wisebud” system developed by the company UAB “Icybit”

“Icybit” is a company providing programming services, specialising in designing of distributed computing systems. Developed “Wisebud” system allows identifying gatherings of people in cities in real time and monitoring their alteration in time. The system based on the designed geo-spatial data clustering engine can process large data streams coming from such various sources as mobile operator networks, Internet of Things devices or suppliers of mobile applications, and identify resulting clusters.

It is designed to identify type, place and time of people’s favourite activities, where they come from and where they are going, reacting to this data in real time. Designed system can be installed globally, which allows to approach one of the final objectives – approximate dynamics and behaviours of the entire global population.

MB „Creative laboratory”

„Debesys” – a small device expanding the limits of artistic performance to the virtual space. Gesture-based user interface interprets performer’s movements and translates them into sounds or other signals that control means of artistic expression (intensity or other parameters of visualisations and audio-visual effects).

Device can be used in modern theatre, dance and musical performance. Small price, little casing that is adapted for stage and easily hidden, understandable software allows every director or composer to live up to their most unexpected scenic ambitions.

Today, a functioning prototype is already created. With the help of computer you can manipulate images, sounds, frequencies and their amount without any limitations of physical laws. It provides possibilities for creation of new, previously unseen and unheard elements of show, performance or concert. However, performance is not only new images and sounds. It is very important to focus on the performer’s connection with the content, which, in this case, is in virtual space.

Contemporary composition provides new ways for expression, comprehension and audio-visual conceptualisation, which are integral part of the artistic performance of the 21st century; however, possibilities of control of these objects are still underused.

UAB „SneakyBox“

Company specialises in development of games for PC and mobile platforms (Windows, Windows Phone, Android, iOS). Today, company’s employees form a team of people with large experience in the area of computer science and graphics, united by their love for video games. Official history of game developers starts with the game “Never Future”, developed for the competition Microsoft Imagine Cup. Creative passion and interest in games are some of the main advantages. The following games, created by the company, are known by all game lovers: “Quadrum AR”, “Wire Defuser”, “Adventures of Kakė Makė”, “and Robo settlers”. Smart solutions are developed for museums and audio records.

UAB „Solid education”

The goal of „Solid Education” – attraction, discovery and education of talents in the areas of games and business programming. Developed product – platform based on cloud computing, which helps school children to learn programming online with lecturers and individually throughout Lithuania. „Solid Education” – electronic education platform providing possibilities to learn programming for 10-100 times more school children throughout Lithuania and abroad. The platform is used in the Internet browsers and smart phones with Android/iPhone/Windows Phone.

UAB „Searchnode“

IT company with a very enthusiastic and professional team. Currently UAB SearchNode” works on development of search solution SearchNode” for e-commerce businesses. The core of the company’s work is IT (programming, development of algorithms, etc.) with commercial and business aspects (sales, market analysis, analysis of competitors, marketing, investments, etc.).„SearchNode” clients are some of the largest Eastern European businesses:,, and many others.

UAB „Aciety”

UAB „Aciety” is a platform for company search system. Information technology company „Aciety” provides programming services to foreign companies. Business idea – to help clients to find professional employees, who could perform IT tasks based on project or body-leasing principle. The network of company’s programmers includes Lithuania, Poland and Ukraine. They cooperate with more than 400 companies in the entire world.

UAB „Segfoltas“

Developed technology “Breathcount” offers a solution for prevention of asthma attacks. Young company established in the start-up incubator “Startup Space” of Kaunas University of Technology (KTU) created a small meter for pulmonary function that fits in the palm of your hand; it takes one breath to test the condition of the person’s lungs and it transfers data to the smart device via wireless connection, where it is processed by a mobile application. Permanent team of this KTU start-up consists only of four people (many more people contribute to the project – design and programming specialists, consultants). Besides electronics, programming and informatics engineers the team also has a medical practitioner. This young company, which is working on quite a few projects related to development of information systems, currently invests in “Breathcount” technology their own funds as well as the ones received from various foundations.

UAB „Invenis“

„Tiny Lab Productions” was founded in 2010 by a group of programmers and designers, who love games. „Tiny Lab Productions” is Lithuanian video games studio located in Kaunas „Nebula44”. „Nebula44” had to be the studio’s debut game; however, it did not happen. Children racing game for smart phones „Fun Kid Racing” is titled one of the best racing games for children.

UAB „Power of eye”

Scientist of Kaunas University of Technology and head of the company „Power of Eye” Vidas Raudonis created a device controlled by a person’s eyes. With the help of designed glasses-camera you can write on computer screen using only your eyes; connection of additional equipment provides a possibility to drive a wheelchair independently. The scientist presented this device’s operational principle in the international progress conference „Login 2013”, in his presentation „Power of eye. Assistive technologies”.

UAB „Seo Helis“

Seo services – professional optimisation of websites and long-term flight towards the dream that ensures your high position in search engines. „SEO Helis” rocket flies higher and higher; future prospects and plans forecast that more and more people will recognise the name of this rocket not only in Lithuania, but also outside it.

UAB „Indeform”

Indeform – Interactive technologies for eCommerce, Cloud software solutions & Digital graphics. We are IT, visual technologies and digital graphics development company striving for innovation, artistic and technical excellence in our work. We will deliver boost and value to your business with customized software solutions adapting your needs, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, computer vision, interactive technologies, virtual and augmented reality, digital 3D visualizations and colorful animations.

UAB „Abili”

Abili balance trainer” is an unstable platform – universal device that can be used by both, children and adults. The platform is used for rehabilitation and training of professional sportsmen. Balance training platform is applied during rehabilitation period for development of the patient’s proprioception, modifying complexity of exercises. It is a great measure for prevention of fall risk in elderly people and lower back pain.

The platform moves in one plane, which makes it safer than usual, soft, non-balanced platforms.

Height of handles is easily regulated adjusting them to each person individually.

It is possible to choose balance training device with or without handles.



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